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Like That feat. JPOD

Watch the music video (shot/edited by Enrique Vega:

After long anticipation, Vokab Kompany is prepared to unveil its first record since 2016, Small Viktories, on Gravitas Recordings.

The album opens with, 'Like That'. Produced by bass music pioneer JPOD, the songs packs a powerful punch out of the gate that is full of soulful hip-hop to make you want to sing.

shot/edited by Enrique Vega

Art designed by GrymLife

More info on the next tracks to follow for the full album:

Produced by Megan Hamilton, “Fabtastik” hastens the pace with her signature catchy grooves and funky sax riffs. Equipped with a thumpin’ groove by producer AHEE, listeners are soon warned it’s going to take a whole life to “Get It Right.” A love story has its genesis in “Classic” through a decelerated alto, as deep affections are proclaimed towards the beloved. Gangster rap legend Mitchy Slick joins in on “30 Stores Up,” produced by chillhop mastermind Cloudchord, as they look into a past life through melodious house tunes. In collaboration with Crush Effect, “MVP” continues the love story with high-energy as listeners are welcomed into the inner thoughts of the captivated admirer. Infiltrating a state of euphoric bliss, Lily Fangz and MIDIcinal invite the duo to “Coffee & Chill.” Mitchy Slick and Alfred Howard engage in deep commentary on contemporary politics in “PoliTricks” that simultaneously represents hope for change and inspires people to take care of their neighbor. Rounding the album out at nine, Vokab Kompany offers an instrumental version of "30 Stories Up" to provide an emotional conclusion to the eclectic collection.

This masterfully crafted nine-track album is an audio journal of an expansive variety of themes that range from altruistic feels, party anthems, political commentary, and romantic intimacy. Despite the multiplicity within these subjects at first glance, each track is connected with cutting hip-hop vocals and funky electronic soundscapes. Featuring several collaborations with sensational artists, Vokab Kompany ensures this long awaited creation was well worth the wait.

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