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In memory of Primal Energy co-founder Casey Darrell Maloney

April 9, 1983 – May 18, 2015

Vokab Kompany and Primal Energy are honored to announce the release of ETERNAL on Father’s Day, June 17, 2019.

ETERNAL is part of a legacy project to honor Casey Darrell Maloney, a heart-centered, vibrant human being, a much-loved member of the Burning Man community. Giving the Gift of Music was an integral part of his life. Casey Maloney and Burgundy Morgan formed the duo Primal Energy, sharing magic moments performing at transformational events and festivals with others as a “present-moment, participatory experience.” The public was invited to explore the joy of music, and to express themselves in whatever

way felt right… percussion, singing, dancing, laughter, and shenanigans!

Unexpectedly, Casey was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Burgundy organized recording sessions with loving friends, Josh and Biajani at Stage Red Studios in Los Angeles. Despite limitations following brain surgery, the team memorialized Casey’s acapella vocal tracks and acoustic guitar performance. Casey was a shiny soul and was excited to share music that brought so much joy to him

and others!

Turning the Terrible into the Terrific…

Casey’s death is a deep loss. Yet the transformational art and music community is filled with amazing people who love and support each other through even the toughest times.

Following Casey’s death, Vokab Kompany and Primal Energy decided to collaborate on a legacy project to honor Casey. The entire Vokab Kompany family came together to finish the songs. So this Father’s Day, Primal Energy and Vokab Kompany are pleased and delighted to release Eternal. Vokab Kompany incorporated Casey’s voice and instrumentals to create new tracks that would make Casey proud, with special thanks to Geoff Nigl and John Avery.

Eternal features three brand new songs produced by Cloudchord (Derek Vanscoten.) Cloudchord is a producer, teacher, and an Emmy-award winning musician. His electronic mixes and musical instrument performance creates a smooth and soulful vibe to inspire creative flow for Burkey and Robbie’s hip hop talent.

On a personal note, I am extremely grateful to those amazing people who helped create this legacy to honor Casey and his passion for music. (Casey would be dancing the Snoopy Happy Dance right now!)

Thank you.

Burgundy Morgan Wife of Casey Maloney

Boogie Chop Music Video:

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