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Richard Galiguis of VK talks Kompany Flow & Punk Music(K)

Richard Galiguis (We can’t seem to pronounce it right) of Vokab Kompany and AOA takes a seat to talk the progression of his musik styles. Make sure when spelling anything from this band, you replace the “C’s” with “K’s” …it’s kind of their thing. Richard is a Bass player now; however, he didn’t start that way…he filled in as bass for one band then again for Vokab and ended up heading the Rhythm section. Oh yeah, the guy even plays drums…the big three! His AOA roots prove that, and we even play one of their tracks…

Vokab Kompany’s album “The Good Kompany Album” is a step in a new direction for the rocker. Dropping the guitar from the lineup added a new dimension, as he explains. We talk about the different Fusion’s happening with Rock, and the addition to backing tracks and synths in music. They’ve even added a live sax player to the mix…speaking of MIX, this album has a TON of credits to guests musicians and producers who helped in making this album crack for your ears, including Whitney Meyer in “View of My Life,” which we play in this episode.

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