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Vokab Kompany Holiday Party in Boise w/ Dave the Fave!

"One of Reef's favorite bands is making their triumphant return to the stage. This is a truly one of a kind show, come see why!"

Event in HERE!

Vokab Kompany is a genre-defying collection of sound comprised of vocalists Rob Hurt and Burke Baby. With live accompaniments by their five-piece band, they use heavy synths, guitars, saxophone, bass and drums to create an innovative sound that blankets audiences and leaves them in a musical stupor. While maintaining a rigorous touring schedule, the San Diego natives have also found themselves as hometown favorites, garnering recognition at the San Diego Music Awards and winning several awards including best Hip Hop album and best Hip Hop performance. An interesting feat for a band that could just as easily be called Electronic, Funk, Jam or Rap in the same breath.

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